Steve Haynes

I was a member of Reach as a child, when the charity provided invaluable support to my parents, and to me; I was one of the first recipients of a one-handed recorder and went on to become a professional trombonist, performing on over 20 West End shows during ten years in the music industry. 

I have always been passionate about equality, diversity, and inclusion, especially when related to disability. This led me towards a second career as a trade union official and studying for a diploma in employment law. I currently work for a large healthcare union and manage a portfolio of member cases, covering all aspects of HR issues. 

I am an experienced negotiator and mediator and have been an elected representative on a national executive committee, representing the interests of 30,000 members. ‘I have been a listening volunteer for Samaritans and currently work with Enhance the UK to deliver disability awareness training into workplaces.

I still fondly remember the branch meetings I attended as a child, where I felt safe amongst friends. I am passionate about ensuring Reach continues to thrive for future generations.