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Adaption Bursary: Reach is all about helping young people with upper limb differences live lives beyond limits.

Sometimes the two-handed world throws up barriers, and we need to find a way round them. That’s where the Reach Adaption Bursary Scheme comes in. The scheme could help cover the cost for specialist equipment, adaptations or additional training needed because of upper limb difference, to enable Reach children and young people follow their dreams. Click here to apply.

Activity Bursary: As a charity we fundraise to make sure our branch events are free for Reach members, we also fundraise so we can subsidise the cost of regional and national Reach events, we ask members to contribute too, sometimes up to 60% of the costs for AFW and RAW. For some that makes these events out of reach, and we want to try, where we can, to make sure money is not a barrier to Reach families participation in Reach events. To this end we are fundraising to enable the development of a small activity bursary pot. Click here to apply.

Membership Bursary: Reach is proud to be a membership organisation – click here to see the benefits of becoming a subscriber: Link to Membership subpage. We understand that paying a subscription puts us out of reach for some families in receipt of income related benefit and we don’t want this to be the case. If you would like to apply for a membership bursary the application process is simple. Click here to apply.