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Our Partners

Limb Centres:

Limb Centres can help in all sorts of ways, with prosthetics for sure, but some also help with other bits that you might find useful at different times in your life, like counselling.

Is the largest provider of prosthetic services to the NHS in the UK and a major provider of orthotics, posture and mobility services. Their services involve the assessment, design, manufacture and fitting of artificial limbs and are there for people with limb difference across their lifetime as needed. Visit Opcares website to find your local Opcare clinic.

Charities supporting children with limb difference:

Reach has a strong affinity with OHMI, like us they are a small national organisation. They work with young musicians of all ages, expert music workshop leaders, music teachers, instrument makers and music examining bodies across the UK to make music making at all levels accessible to children and young people with upper limb difference.

LimbBo Foundation
Is an amazing charity based in Yorkshire providing for free: support, equipment (LimbBo Arms and Bike Adaptions), and events for families with children with limb difference. Like us they are led by people with lived experience. One of their main aims is to provide children with limb differences the opportunity to know they are not alone.

LimbPower support amputees, individuals with limb difference and their families to bridge the gap between hospital rehabilitation and community and school engagement to rebuild lives and improve physical, social and mental well-being.

Reach is delighted to partner with LimbPower, we have an open invitation to all their big events at Stoke Mandeville, and with their help organise smaller joint events across the country, thank you LimbPower you are incredible!

Is a remarkable network of volunteer makers who design and custom-make equipment to help people with disabilities live more independently. The service REMAP provide is free and they help 1000’s of people every year and have centres across the UK – to find your local ReMap branch visit:

Sports Projects supporting children and young people with limb difference:

British Cycling
Reach is pleased to be working in partnership with British Cycling to promote their brand-new inclusive club programme providing cycling opportunities for disabled people, regardless of age, impairment and ability across our membership.

British Cycling are working with many clubs up and down the UK to break down barriers, inspire change and create more opportunities for disabled people.

Whether you wish to try cycling for the first time, or you are an an experienced rider looking to take your cycling to the next level our network of Limitless Clubs will have an opportunity for you.

In 2024 Limitless Clubs will be connecting with Reach branches across England to organise some joint events – keep an eye on our events map here: Link to events map

Partners for Change:

Is the global network connecting anyone who is personally or professionally affected by congenital limb difference. The site is inclusive, communicative, and collaborative. This is the place where you can find information, contribute your own thoughts and ideas, and join the conversation. Currently Reach is working with DysNet to support Amusement Park Operators across Europe become more inclusive.

Limb Loss & Limb Difference UK
UK charities and support groups joining forces to raise awareness of limb loss and limb difference.

Every April Limb Loss & Limb Difference UK deliver the Limb Loss & Limb Difference Awareness Month. It’s a time to come together with amazing charities running across the UK to highlight what we do and as a collective highlight the impact of living with limb loss and limb difference – watch out for the campaign and get involved: #LLLDAM

Prosthetic Makers:

Make comfortable, affordable prosthetics for all ages coupled with peer-to-peer support. We have a close relationship wherein Koalaa come and help on local branch events, coach activity providers to make our events more inclusive and generally go the extra mile! We are proud to support Koalaa achieve its aim in partnership with the Douglas Bader Foundation to provide every child in the UK access to a free soft prosthetic arm with Project Limitless. To find out more visit:

Team Unlimbited
Team UnLimbited

Research Partners:

A unique collaboration between Professor Tamar Makin, an expert on brain plasticity at the UCL Plasticity Lab, and Professor Dorothy Cowie, an expert on motor development at Durham University Psychology Department.

Despite their missing limb(s), children with limb differences develop remarkable motor skills, making use of different body parts to independently explore the world. As a group, BOLDkids are interested in how these unique motor skills and adaptations interface with brain plasticity (the brain’s ability to change and adapt to our experiences in life) as the children develop.

Since the get go Professor Dorothy Cowie and her team, have worked in partnership with Reach to recruit families to the project, run workshops and focus groups at Reach events, and so important to us, share stories at our Annual Family Weekend from the project as it evolves. To read their first published paper visit.