Rebecca Nind

I was a member of Reach as a child and I know my family benefited hugely from the support, community and optimism the charity provided us. My dad was the national Reach treasurer in the early 90s and then the Yorkshire branch’s treasurer for 15 years, so I’m keen to follow in his footsteps and give back to the charity in my own way as a trustee with the insight I can bring as someone with an upper limb difference.

Once I became a teenager I remember turning away from Reach because I felt it was too “childish” for me, so I’m passionate about strengthening the opportunities for, and the engagement of, Reach’s teenagers and developing the 18- 25 year old cohort.

I’m now a finance lawyer in London working in the Treasury Legal team at an international bank. Outside of work I love doing yoga, pilates, swimming and spinning classes at my local gym. I also love hiking, travelling and going to the theatre.