Northwest: Lindsay & Chris

Lindsay is based in Blackburn, Lancashire where she lives with her husband, two kids and a cat who snores loudly.

Her Reach baby was born in 2015, very loud, super independent and absolutely football mad.

She didn’t know how much football could take over your household until you have a child who lives and breathes it. Full disclosure, they’re a Chelsea fan but the rest of the family aren’t. She hopes that doesn’t stop you wanting to get to know them! Lindsay loves connecting with people and helping to build up community, which is why she enjoys being a Branch Co-Ordinator for Reach. She cannot wait to meet you and welcome you to Reach. 

Chris has quite a mixed background. Born in 1953, missing his lower left arm, and originally from Tyneside, he left school to work for a mining company as a costing clerk, before moving on to a Dutch-American firm in a similar post. He was also running a ‘mobile disco’ and playing with rally cars, part-time. A move to Cumbria in 1980 managing Patterdale Hall Estate, is where he met and married his wife Wendy, attended the Limb Centre in Carlisle, started fell running and rediscovered his love of cycling. Job termination and a move to Keswick where they ran a guesthouse, raised their family and Chris continued doing estate work for other people. The technicians at Carlisle were great in building prosthetics for a variety of uses. As a mature student he studied Environmental Land Management at Newton Rigg College, which led to him being co-opted onto the teaching staff there as a part-time associate lecturer. A short spell in outdoor retail followed, his years of running, cycling, camping and general adventure with all manner of carrying kit used certainly helped him, his employer and the customers.

Still self employed, his running is now walking, and although he ‘discovered’ Reach decades ago, much to his regret, he didn’t get involved until 2022, becoming a mentor in 2023. He has 2 daughters