Lesley Goodfellow (Volunteer: Events & Kent Branch Support)

As someone who was born with an upper limb difference of no left forearm and hand, I have always been very independent growing up, attending University, and working for a multinational company in HR Management before leaving work to raise our two children at home in Kent with my husband while supporting extended family.

I can reinforce the Reach ethos that being born with an upper limb difference doesn’t stop you doing anything you want to do; you just might do it differently. With this experience and our children now 20 and 23, I can hopefully empathise with others having parental concerns raising children with (or indeed without) limb differences. My interests include walking, gardening and nature, yoga, travelling, activities with friends, and keeping up with my family who are highly competitive at quizzes and games! New to both Reach and Volunteering it is exciting to start this venture with a group of people I feel immediately involved with and motivated by. I am looking forward to helping coordinate activities at Branch level, assisting in planning events such as the Annual Family Weekend, and supporting Reach in their growth and positioning for the future Membership.