Frank Letch MBE

Frank has had several careers. The most rewarding being a single parent (following the early death of his wife) and bringing up 5 children.

After university Frank spent 27 years as a modern language’s teacher, ending up in Wales. Frank took up breeding, working, and showing dogs and was also a judge and contributor to “Dog Weekly”. Frank also spent 10 years as a tribunal judge for Employment and DLA Tribunals. In 2004, Frank became a town councillor and was the Mayor of Crediton for 13 years. Frank has since become a District and County Councillor. Whilst living in Wales Frank made 4 one-hour documentaries in Welsh and appeared regularly on radio and television. Frank was awarded the MBE in 2015.   

I enjoy meeting new Reach families and keeping contact with “old friends” but most of all I enjoy “getting out there” and showing Society what is possible.