Esther Pounder

I became aware of Reach when our second child William was unexpectedly born with ulnar dysplasia in 2019.

The help and support that we received from the charity in those early days was incredible. We spoke to someone from Reach when William was just a few days old, a conversation that will always stick with me as they provided us with the guidance and reassurance that we so desperately needed at that time. We then went along to the Annual Family Weekend when William was a few months old and realised that we are part of a family. Meeting other parents and seeing the incredible things that Reach children can achieve was brilliant. Now William is a confident, happy child who gets on with life in his own inimitable style and the worries of those early days feel very far away. We will never be able to repay the debt that we owe to Reach for their support in those early months, but I hope that by becoming a Trustee I am helping this great charity.

My day job is as a barrister specialising in personal injury and clinical negligence work. I act mainly for Claimants who have suffered serious, often life changing, injuries, advising and representing them in Court. I live in Leicestershire and am mum to William and his big sister Eliana. If I get any time to myself, I enjoy spending it printmaking- mainly linocut and collagraph”