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Rupinder Kaur – A Parents Perspective

Rupinder Kaur is the award winning founder of Asian Women Mean Business, AWMB, a British Asian woman Rupinder has experienced and excelled in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments.

With eighteen years experience in the world of human resources, psychology, coaching and mentoring Rupinder is a mother to Daya and Sahib who has an upper limb difference. She understands the challenges that working mothers face but also how becoming a mother can challenge your identity as a woman, your life aspirations and trying to understand who you really are.

Experiencing postnatal depression after giving birth to Sahib in 2017, Rupinder struggled to talk openly at the time. Very few close family members and friends knew, there were feelings of shame, guilt and embarrassment to admit it, but Rupinder managed to shift it by treating the cause and addressing the symptoms. ⁣

PND was something that I had to go through to make sense of many things in my life, my one question constantly through that time was “what are you here to teach me?” And teach me it did.⁣
⁣Compassion. Empathy. Self belief. Boundaries. The power of our thoughts and emotions. Humanity. Love.” ⁣

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