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Plan ahead to make learning to drive a doddle

Getting on the road is the pinnacle of independence for most young people, and for Reach teenagers, this takes a bit more organising, but is just as exciting! 

To start you off on your journey, there are lots of top tips and really useful information and guidelines on ‘getting you on the road’ in this short film.

ownload our Learning to Drive & Getting on the Road  information guide, which reiterates all the information in the film, from when you can apply for a licence, contacting your local mobility centre, the importance of assessments, adaptions and codes on your licence, plus all links to relevant websites.

Do leave plenty of time to organise yourself. Apply for your provisional licence and investigate driving instructors and adaptations to suit you well in advance if you wish to be on the road, don’t wait until you want to start your lessons!

Apply to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) for a provisional licence and once you have this and are 17 you can start learning on the road.

Finding a driving instructor who has experience of your limb difference will take some effort, but your local Mobility Centre should be able to help and guide you.

To find your most local Driving Mobility Centre to find out more about a driving assessments and adaptations click here.

Disabled Motoring UK is the charity which supports disabled drivers, passengers and Blue Badge Holders.

In Ireland your starting point is Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland.

This driving video, filmed in 2016, is helpful to Reach members who may be thinking about learning to drive and considering adaptions to the car.

More recently, in 2021, Sascha Jacob (approved driving instructor (ADI) and Joanna Dixon, occupational therapist, took part in our Reach: Insights #NoLimits webinar ‘Getting on the Road’, the short animation film above is included plus much more information and questions answered which were put forward by Reach members.