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R5ach Charity Challenge August 2022

What is the R5ACH Charity Challenge?

R5ach Charity Challenge is a fundraising challenge that will take place over the month of August 2022. It is FREE to enter. The R5ach Charity Challenge has been created with all our members, their family and friends in mind. We want to ensure that everyone can get involved and make it as fun, simple, or adventurous as you want to make it.Every participant will get a very special REACH medal.

Challenge ideas:

  • Do something awesome linked to the number 5. (or any multiple of 5 – 15, 25, 3550.105.500!)
  • In 2021 Bertie was pushed 105 miles in his pushchair by Mummy & Daddy over the month of August.
  • Nicole cycled 500km throughout August.
  • Tatum did a family and friends 5K hike.
  • Jacob (Age 4) did a 5 km cycle.
  • Kiera swam 5- lengths butterfly, 10-lengths breaststroke, 15-lengths backstroke, 20-front crawl and 25- freestyle.
  • Kate read 500 pages in 5 days.
  • Julie baked 5 ‘rocky road cakes’ in 5 days and sold them to her friends.
  • Deb cartwheeled 25 times.
  • Tania and Lila (aged 5) threw a ball to each other 10 times without dropping.

Challenge yourself, have fun, and raise funds for REACH!

For loads more ideas see

Set up your own fundraising page on Just Giving and link it to this one.